Tax Insurance Utility and Deferred Maintenance Analysis


Upon assumption of management duties Valley Income Properties will do an analysis of several key operating expense items, namely:


Real Estate Taxes:
Valley Income Properties will evaluate the property’s current market value as compared to the assessed value assigned by the assessor. If it is determined that current assessed value is in excess of market value Valley Income Propeties will initiate a tax protest.


Property Insurance:
Property insurance coverage and premiums will be examined for accuracy, completeness, and areas where premiums may be reduced.


Utility Costs:
Always an area of concern, the team at Valley Income Properties will examine current water, electric, gas, and waste bills, looking for indications of leaks and other ineffriciencies, and make suggestions to reduce both usage and costs.


Deferred Maintenance:
Proper long term cash management requires a comprehensive understanding of the property’s current maintenance position. Because of this, upon takeover the property will be given a thorough examination to determine current deferred maintenance issues, both interior and exterior, and future “Cap Ex” items that may be on the horizon. Suggestions for pro active repairs and long term captial improvements will be detailed for the owner.