Full Service Property Maintenance

Property MaintenanceThrough our sister company, Consolidated Management Services, LLC, Valley Income Properties has the capacity to handle all your property’s day-to-day maintenance needs. From simple drips to vacant apartment turnovers, from painting to plumbing, and everything in between, Valley Income Properties is staffed to tackle all your property maintenance issues.

Depending on longevity and skill set, our maintenance personnel are paid between $15.00 – $18.50 per hour. Overall, maintenance billing rates are between $24.95 – $29.95, depending on property size and scope, with a 1/2 hour trip charge per work order.  All maintenance billings include all sales taxes, payroll taxes, workman’s comp, comprehensive liability insurance,  bonding, and the cost of the maintenance supervisor, who is charged with oversight of the team.

All care is taken to keep maintenance billings to a minimum, both parts and labor. The maintenance supervisor is charged with coordinating maintenance personnel, reviewing all time sheets and product invoices, and approving the billing rates.


Full Maintenance Provider:
Your property will be assigned to one of our competent maintenance staff, who will be responsible for all aspects of your properties maintenance needs. From dripping faucets to drywall repairs, from replacing fixtures to appliance repairs, our staff can handle all your property’s needs. Upon vacancy we provide full apartment turnover maintenance.

Emergency Maintenance:
Valley Income Properties provides for a 24 hour per day, 7 days per week emergency maintenance hotline. This assures that your property is always in touch with management and maintenance staff.

Strict Quality Standards:
Quality control standards are maintained by having managers working closely with our maintenance staff and vendors to ensure that jobs are being completed in a timely manner and in a professional manner.

Owner Contact:
Owners are always contacted for non-emergency repairs exceeding an agreed upon amount, detailed in the property management agreement.

Competitive Bids:
Competitive market bids are obtained on all major improvements or repairs and always require your approval before work begins.

NOTE:  For your financial benefit, major electrical and major plumbing are vended to licensed professionals. Routine air conditioning is handled with company staff. Compressor and full AC change-outs are vended to one of our pre-approved air conditioning vendors.