Staff Training


Valley Income Properties recognizes a responsibility to ensure all employees are properly trained and educated in the administration of residential and commercial properties. We continually strive to enhance the employee’s opportunity to develop skills and abilities for full performance within the position, and for career advancement within the company, and the industry.


The company initiates the professional development process with the use of an employee’s performance appraisal. Through the Performance Evaluation (PE) an assessment is made of the training and development needs of the department and its employees, and an educational plan is charted.


Valley Income Properties enthusiastically assists employees in achieving training objectives. However, ultimate responsibility for development and training resides with the employee.

Regularly scheduled in-house, on-site, and offsite classroom training programs are organized and distributed to all departments heads, who oversee the training requirements within their department. Upon approval of the department head, an employee may attend a training program designated by management.